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University of Illinois-Deloitte Foundation Center for Business Analytics

First Course in Foundations of Data Analytics

Module #1: Foundations

  1. Why learn analytics?
  2. Introduction to Course Server
  3. Introduction to Markdown
  4. Introduction to the Python Language

Module #2: Introduction to Python Programming

  1. Why learn to code?
  2. Introduction to Data Structures
  3. Introduction to Functions
  4. Introduction to Flow Control

Module #3: Introduction to Data Analysis

  1. Exploring the benefits of programming over traditional business tools
  2. Introduction to the Unix file system
  3. Working with Files in Python
  4. Introduction to the Pandas module

Module #4: Statistical Data Analysis

  1. How Pandas can perform standard business analytic tasks
  2. Introduction to the NumPy module
  3. Introduction to Descriptive Statistics
  4. Using more advanced capabilities of the Pandas module

Module #5: Introduction to Visualization

  1. Exploring how humans view data
  2. Exploring the quantitative display of information
  3. Introduction to data plotting in Python
  4. Introduction to data visualization in Python

Module #6: Introduction to Probability

  1. Introduction to basic probability
  2. Conditional probability and Bayes Theorem
  3. Exploring basic probability in Python
  4. Introduction to distributions

Module #7: Exploring Two-Dimensional Data

  1. Introduction to scatter plots
  2. Introduction to NumPy matrices
  3. Statistically exploring multi-dimensional data
  4. Introduction to ordinary linear regression

Module #8: Introduction to Kernel Density Estimation

  1. Why analytics matter in a big data world?
  2. Introduction to density estimation
  3. Advanced density estimation

© 2017: Robert J. Brunner at the University of Illinois.

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